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Should the Isuzu D-Max 2017 be recalled?

We purchased a new Isuzu D-Max 3.0-litre diesel space cab 4x4 in late 2017 and have done about 70,000 km. We farm a stock/cereal grain property so the vehicle is used in the paddocks and mainly on gravel roads. In April this year we noticed a rattling noise in the front passenger side. We delivered it to the dealership for checking over in May as it’s under warranty. Our D-Max was deemed unroadworthy. It has been totally dismantled and two months later is now still in the repair shop awaiting parts. It took Isuzu Australia from May 8 to the July 5 to authorize the repair under warranty. The problem is a faulty radiator support panel wheel arch and skirt assembly, which is severely cracked. The metal used was too brittle and has to be replaced. So as of July 6 we are in an absolute predicament without our main working vehicle on our property and are extremely disappointed with Isuzu’s handling of this. I e-mailed customer support with a detailed letter of grievance on July 2 and have not had a reply. We have been informed of other Isuzu vehicles are having the same issues. Is this cause for a recall?

It may be sufficient to warrant a recall on the grounds of safety, but more info would be needed to make a definitive call on the issue. But it’s being fixed under warranty, so hopefully you should be back on the road soon. In the meantime if I were you I would be demanding a replacement vehicle to be used while yours is being repaired.