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Murray Roberts ASKED THE GUIDE

Resale values on HSV GTS vs C63 head to head

Thank you for the Head-to-Head comparison between the HSV GTS and the AMG C63 S last week. It showed just how expensive it is to service a European car, as I've said many times to friends. I own a 2003 TS Astra and in the first five years I spent $2254 on its services, just $59 less than the current GTS quote. However, I do strongly disagree with the resale rates. I can quote many examples of these expensive Euro cars falling well over 50 per cent in 4-5 years. I believe that the resale figures were around the wrong way and the GTS will have the healthy 60 per cent resale.

The resale figures are right and reflect the booming demand for AMG cars of all types, and especially the C63, in Australia.