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iLoad model year clarification

I bought what I thought was a 2013 Hyundai iLoad demonstrator in November 2012 and the finance paperwork through the dealership reflects this. In December last year I changed insurance companies and the new company said it was a 2012 model year. I asked the dealership at the next service and they said it was an MY12 as it was built in June 2012. I then rang the fleet salesman who told me it was a 2013 as sold to me. What I'm trying to find out is if I have any recourse. The value difference could be up to $3500, according to the sales guides, but the dealer refutes this and says it's only $200 difference.

What you bought is a 2012 model car, because that's the year it was built. Even if it is called an MY13, the clock starts from the day it was finished on the production line and stamped with its VIN plate. The confusion comes because lots of car companies now have specifications that change earlier than January 1, a practice that began in the US, and which they refer to as Model Year this or that.