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How to reduce the fuel consumption in my Skoda Superb Scout?

Asked by Dan

I have a Skoda Superb Scout and the fuel consumption is nearly double the stated consumption figure of 7.3L. The lowest I've managed to get it to is 12.1 litres per 100km but it usually hovers around 12.4 litres! I live seven kilometres from work, no stop-start traffic and drive mostly in economy mode.

My question is, how can I find out if the consumption is abnormally high because of an issue? I want to take it back to Skoda but the VW group has a history of fudging its figures (Dieselgate) and I'm worried they'll reduce the power just to lower the fuel use.

Answered by CarsGuide

13 Apr 2021 David Morley

While I’ll admit that an average fuel consumption figure of 12.4 litres per 100km is high for your car, there are a few things to consider here. By driving just seven kilometres each way to work and back, you’re probably running for half your driving time with an engine that is still warming up. Cold engines use a richer mixture and that means more fuel. Cold starts are a real problem for fuel consumption, and you appear to be driving on a cold engine for a high percentage of your daily run.

The other consideration is your average speed. You say that there’s no stop-start traffic conditions, but if you drive at urban speeds all the way to work, then you need to be looking at the official urban fuel consumption number which is 9.0 litres per 100km (the 7.3 litres figure you’ve quoted is for a mix of urban and highway running).

Even so, 9 litres per 100km is a lot less than 12.4 litres, so maybe there is something going on. Despite your reservations about Skoda’s politics, the best thing to do is to have the car electronically interrogated to see what, if any, fault codes appear. Only then can you really know what’s going on. Are you using the recommended 95-RON fuel? The wrong octane rating (RON) can have an effect on fuel consumption, as can a heavy right foot.

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