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Skoda Superb: Cruise control failure

I bought a new Skoda Superb wagon in February and love it. It was going great up to couple of months ago when the Auto Cruise Control/Front Assist failed. When I took the car in for its 15,000 km service, they said that the radar was broken and that can only happen if there has been some sort of frontal impact, and quoted me $2700 to replace and repair it. They even removed the front bumper to try and identify if any work had been done on the car (and they concluded there wasn't). There have been no incidents whatsoever; the only way for the radar to be broken without any impact is for it to have been defective from the beginning.

Skoda won't accept that, they are still saying it has been 'hit'.

It hasn’t been hit, which would be obvious to an experienced eye, and there haven’t been any repairs done to it, so how does Skoda explain that. Your options are to continue pursuing Skoda to repair your car for free, enlist the help of your state consumer affairs people in the hope they might be able to assist you, or pay for it yourself and move on.