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How do I choose between two almost identical cars?

I need to choose between a 2014 Ford Ranger Wildtrack with 115,000 km on the clock and a 2018 Mitsubishi Triton Exceed that’s done 43,000 km. The Ranger is a single owner vehicle with an impeccable service history with all optional services undertaken, and added extras (bull bar, tow ball, lockable roller door canopy, lined tray). The Mitsubishi has done 43,000 km, there’s no beeping when reversing, no lockable canopy, the tray is unlined, but it’s otherwise the same. I need help after buying two lemons. We live on a property with plenty of kangaroos but won't be towing anything bigger than a trailer with bins, wood etc. Good for kids also as we have three under six.

Normally my advice would be to buy the newest car with the lowest kilometres and in the best condition. In this case that would be the Triton, which would also comes with what remains of the factory warranty, but on all other counts I would go with the Ranger. The Ranger appears to be in good condition, the kilometres are low for the year, and the service history is just what you want.