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Holden Captiva 2011: Why is it stalling?

I have a Holden Captiva 2011 Series 2 automatic five-seater. Sometimes, when I drive my car, it suddenly stalls and I can't accelerate anymore. The warning light with the tool logo comes on as well as the engine light and traction-control light. I was wondering if this is a big problem and if it's going cost me a lot to fix.

It sounds like the entire car is shutting down. And if that happens at speed, or just as you’re preparing to pull out into moving traffic, that’s an incredibly dangerous thing to be happening. The best advice is to have the car scanned electronically, at which point the real problem might raise its head.

Beyond that, you’re clutching at straws, because whatever is going on is a fairly serious problem. Scanning the on-board computer doesn’t take long, and diagnosing the problem this way will save you time and money in the long run. It might even save you from a crash.