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Different view

I BOUGHT a new 2008 Honda Accord V6 after the usual test drive, and though it has met or exceeded my expectations there is one problem. The driver's side rear-vision mirror is not flat and gives the wrong impression of the distance of cars travelling behind. One gets the immediate impression that the vehicle behind is further away than it really is. I have complained to Honda, but to no avail. Its service department even suggested that I fix a flat mirror to the existing mirror.

FIRST, you should have identified the problem during your test drive. But that aside, I have no problem with the convex mirrors used on most cars today because they give you a wider, more comprehensive view of what's going on around your car, though I understand many people don't like them. I believe it's simply a matter of becoming familiar with the view the mirrors are giving you and following the basic safe-driving technique of mirrors, signal, head check. The mirrors are legal, hence Honda's lack of interest in your situation. As suggested, you could fit a flat mirror and I'm sure that would fix your problem.