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Chrysler 300C SRT8 headlight fogging

I find that the headlights in my 2013 Chrysler SRT8 fog up from time to time when out driving. The dealer replaced the lights, but it happened again with the new lights. He then replaced the backing to the lights and the seals, but I have noticed two more instances of fogging. When contacted by the dealer Chrysler's response was that some fogging wasn't unusual and that it should clear within 20 minutes of turning the lights on. I am of the view that the lights should not fog up at all and suspect it is a design fault. I also think Chrysler's response is a bit of a fob-off.
Is it a common problem? What do you think?

The photo you sent us shows heavy fogging in a part of the lens, which is unusual. We don't hear of headlights fogging, and having to wait 20 minutes before it clears seems excessive. I would urge you to persist with the dealer, and Chrysler, until you get a satisfactory response/solution.