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Refund wanted on 300C

My 2013 Chrysler 300C has been back to the dealer so many times it's a lemon. I call customer complaints and they don't call me back. I haven't driven the car in months and I'm paying for it. I have told them I want my money back or a new car. Can you help me?

You won't get your money back, at least not in the short term and not without a huge fight. Start by documenting all the visits to the dealer, what the problems were, and what work was done to fix them. Once you've done that talk to the dealer, show them the history of the car and ask them to fix it. If they will not co-operate go higher to Chrysler head office and talk to the customer assistance people. If that fails contact the company's CEO, Pat Dougherty, directly. If you don't receive any satisfaction for doing all of that enlist the help of a solicitor to send Chrysler a letter setting out your problems.