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Best budget 7 seaters?

Hi guys. I was hoping you could help me out. I am looking to buy a 2006-2008 7 seater Holden Captiva because my budget doesn't allow for me to afford anything newer. I have done a bit of research online and it seems like there are more bad owner reviews on it then there are good ones. Are they that bad of a car? I have taken one for a test drive and it seemed quite good. Would you recommend buying one with all the trouble that people seem to have with them. If you knowledgeable people can help me out that would be great. I am also looking at 7 seat Ford Territorys as well. Hoping to find something soon. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

The used Captiva does appear to be great value, but their shaky reputation for reliability would lead me to consider other options. The Territory would be a better bet, but they are known to have electrical and front suspension issues in the long-term.  If you're after an SUV, a seven-seat 2006-12 Mitsubishi Outlander is smart buying at the moment, but if you're just after the seven seats, I highly recommend taking a look at a 2008-13 Kia Rondo. These represent excellent value at the moment. Hope that helps, and keep us posted with your progress.