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Articles by Aaron Lofts

Aaron Lofts

Aaron Lofts


From a very young age, Aaron was drawn to cars. Spotting chrome bumpered classics from the back seat of a 1978 Toyota Corolla as a child, his knowledge grew from basic brands and models to more details and specifications as a teen. He began buying and collecting magazines, reading them cover to cover absorbing as much information as possible.

Primarily following local motor racing – and the cars they were built from, Aaron would watch the Bathurst 1000 coverage each year from start to finish. With a broad passion for all classic cars, his specialty is locally built and assembled muscle cars, whilst keeping an eye on the oddballs.

Hunting for old cars and the stories surrounding them is a lifelong obsession, often finding them in the most unusual places or via the most unusual people. Fast talking and quick thinking, he’s always on the go. If you want to chat - you're going to have to try and keep up with him!

I morphed into Allan Moffat as my foot went straight to the floor - 6,500rpm in third, then 140mph in top gear as we flew past an unmarked pastel green XC Ford 4-door 'Interceptor'. We screamed by, and ultimately, the...Read more
“This car and I were meant to be,” declares Robert Stomann as we delve into his Volkswagen Beetle. “It just keeps finding me.” he adds, making the point that he and his recently acquired survivor have history. Fact is,...Read more
​"I've always known the car was there. When I realised what it was I had to have it. It took me 30 years to convince the old guy to sell it to me. I'm pretty sure that it's the only unrestored E49 'Big Tank' in...Read more
​Survivor Car Australia magazine has had lots of feedback surrounding Survivor Cars. One of those topics that just keeps coming up is that it’s too difficult to find a Survivor car, or that the cars that readers desire...Read more
Held in Canberra, ACT, the Summernats is the biggest festival of its kind and an event that has enjoyed nearly thirty years of continued success. While there are many events for aspiring car enthusiasts to enter,...Read more
​​Buying a classic car at auction has become a popular way of securing a good quality classic car at a fair and reasonable price. There are classic car auctions held all across Australia on a regular basis, giving car...Read more
When Ford was gearing up for the release of its first Australian built XK Falcon in September of 1960, GMH was still proudly pushing out cars that were 100 per cent Aussie made. The FB was released in January of 1960...Read more
Big Red was parked under the house at the time, next to my aunt's Toyota Celica when the cyclone hit. The house was all but destroyed with Big Red suffering a broken back window, and a few dents. After Cyclone Tracy,...Read more
But getting your hands on a 'Six-Pack' Hemi isn't quite as straight forward as it seems. Just what's the difference between an E48 and E49 equipped Charger? Chrysler Australia's E48 and E49 come with 4.3-litre Hemi...Read more
Usually Dad's old car had a lot more sentimental value to him than collector value for anyone else. Sometimes, though, the old car can be a real gem, even if it's in the rough. A local man who owned several collectible...Read more
In 1978, Robert Blight from Stawell, in Victoria's Western District, decided to treat his corner general store to a new workhorse. He wanted something a little more suited to the delivery duties of his family run...Read more
Incorporating many cost saving methods with the build, such as the flat rear window or the louvered panel behind the rear side windows (designed to hide the roof and quarter panel join), made the costs of building the...Read more
A 1970 Beige HG Kingswood station wagon was once viewed as plain Jane however, today it certainly stands out from the crowd. This particular HG was actually ordered by a sales manager for a washing machine company in...Read more
​The year was 1964 and with the Australian economy in high gear. Ford stood poised with a range designed to match every buyer aspiration. From entry level Anglias and Cortinas to new Certified Gold Quality Falcons, a...Read more
Clearly designed with a greater focus on the automotive market in the United States, the second generation RA40 Celica was larger in every dimension. Allied with increased equipment levels and a more spacious interior,...Read more
Studebakers were very popular in Australia, sales peaked in 1963 with the Lark selling a total of 1,441 units. The Lark was also used as police cars and ambulances. The Cruiser model was on a longer wheelbase (extended...Read more
​Chances are most cars that have managed to survive 86 years would probably be in a sad and sorry state. A few though have defied the odds, and when patina meets provenance a true survivor is born. The prestigious...Read more
Back when I was a young buck in the wild '60s, I had this custom EH Holden Special. As it was the '60s - and you couldn't have 'show' without any 'go' - my EH had its Wildfire Blue paintjob matched with a hot 186 and...Read more
Remember back when you'd have weekends with the boys? Back in '73, my Dad (no shirt) and his mates - Max Xanthos, Emanuel and Con Loupis, and the late George Skoufris - had a boy’s weekend away in Melbourne. Driving...Read more