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Suzuki Swift 2012 Problems

Are you having problems with your 2012 Suzuki Swift? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest 2012 Suzuki Swift issues & faults. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the 2012 Suzuki Swift in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Why does my 2012 Suzuki Swift struggle going up hills?

This model Swift was recalled to check and tighten, if necessary, the bolts that connect the torque converter to the car鈥檚 engine. However, if these were to fail or fall out (as happened in some cases) it would be a one-off event and the car then wouldn鈥檛 work at all.

Your problem sounds more like a worn transmission which is not accepting the load you put on it when you try to accelerate. This could be worn bands or some other component inside the transmission. CVTs are pretty complex things and rely on physical parts like bands and pulleys as well as hydraulic bits and pieces to take drive to the wheels. It would also be worth checking the torque converter, as a damaged or worn unit can also produce the symptoms you鈥檙e seeing. I鈥檇 start with checking that the recall was carried out and work backwards from there.

Suzuki Swift 2012: Transmission "slipping" when going up hills

While the less sporty versions of Suzuki鈥檚 Swift of this era used a conventional automatic transmission, the Swift Sport used a CVT transmission. And I鈥檓 wondering if maybe that鈥檚 all there is to your question. The CVT is quite capable of feeling like its slipping when you use lots of throttle, such as when going up a hill or accelerating to overtake. It鈥檚 actually quite normal and is the method a CVT uses to maximise fuel-economy by keeping the engine operating in its most efficient zone.

But if you鈥檝e owned the car for some time and its behaviour has changed, then it could be that the CVT is beginning to wear internally. Or perhaps it鈥檚 the torque-converter (that links the engine to the transmission) that is starting to wear out and allowing the engine to rev harder than it used to for a given road speed.

Suzuki did recall this model (and conventional automatic versions) to check for loose bolts that secured the torque converter to the transmission. But if these became loose and fell out, you鈥檇 have no drive at all, so I don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 the problem here.

Fun and reliable first cars

Both are fun cars to drive, they鈥檙e relatively new, so should be reliable. I would prefer the Swift; I reckon you鈥檒l get a better run out of it.

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