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14 May 2018

Watch this Tesla Model 3 bug a Camaro on the track

By James LisleJames Lisle

Ever wondered how a run-of-the-mill Model 3 goes on a track? So have we.

Let's be honest: the Model 3 has been getting a fair bit of stick since its inception. But this video shows that the baby Tesla gives as much as it gets.

Attending a track day on the 3.8 kilometre Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, this 205-odd kW Model 3 does a pretty good job of keeping up with the car in front. Which just so happens to be a 2018 Camaro...

Screeching through corners at maximum speed and wriggling under heavy braking from 200km/h, the electric sedan punches out of low-speed corners with impressive gusto.

Coming in hot!!! Coming in hot!!!

It's not a bumper-to-bumper race by any means, but considering the vast power differential between the efficient, eco-oriented Model 3 and the heavy-duty Camaro SS V8 up front, the former hustles along pretty damn well for what is, essentially, a family car built on a tight financial diet.

It even chews up up an MX-5 along the way!

Running on upgraded 20-inch Michelin Pilot Sport 4S sports tyres, rather than the low rolling-resistance Michelin Primacy rubber, the car was noted to handle pretty well, though the driver did note in the description field that it "needs track pads!"

Here's a view of the car from behind:

What family car would you like to thrash at the track? Tell us in the comments below.