Odour-eating upholstery

30 October 2009
, Herald Sun

Not only does the PX-MIEV plug-in electric hybrid's engine reduce harmful greenhouse gases, body odour and gases produced by passengers are broken down by the car's high-tech upholstery.   Mitsubishi calls its concept the "cocochi-interior" and is showcasing it at the Tokyo Motor Show.

In its typically polite Japanese way, the company says the seats use special upholstery that "deactivates allergens, breaks down volatile organic compounds and offensive odours".  The seats also aircondition your backside.

If that's not enough, the car's glass shuts out harmful UV-A radiation to protect skin from sunburn and ageing.  And to keep the family happy on long journeys and reduce driver fatigue the PX's cabin has a negative-ion aroma humidifier and oxygen enricher.

Driver assistance does not stop at odour-eating seats or the humidifier, either.   If the driver becomes drowsy, the PX emits not only visual and audible warnings but a distinctive aroma will waft through the airconditioning system to wake them up.

 Not only does the PX clear the air but its four-cylinder petrol engine, when combined with electric power, returns a fuel economy figure of less than 3.0litres/100km.

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