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2016 Hyundai Santa Fe
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2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The Hyundai Santa FE 2016 prices range from $21,999 for the basic trim level SUV Santa Fe Active CRDi (4x4) to $44,990 for the top of the range SUV Santa Fe Highlander CRDi (4x4).

The Hyundai Santa FE 2016 is available in Regular Unleaded Petrol and Diesel.

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Hyundai Santa Fe Models SPECS PRICE
30 Special Edition 3.3LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed automatic $21,100 – 28,710
Active (4x4) 2.4LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed automatic $20,700 – 28,050
Active (4x4) 2.4LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed manual $21,300 – 28,930
Active CRDi (4x4) 2.2LDiesel6 speed automatic $21,100 – 28,600
Active CRDi (4x4) 2.2LDiesel6 speed manual $22,900 – 31,130
Elite CRDi (4x4) 2.2LDiesel6 speed automatic $25,800 – 34,210
Elite CRDi (4x4) (Sunroof) 2.2LDiesel6 speed automatic $25,500 – 33,770
Highlander CRDi (4x4) 2.2LDiesel6 speed automatic $28,900 – 38,280
SR CRDi (4x4) 2.2LDiesel6 speed automatic $34,900 – 45,210

Hyundai Santa Fe 2016 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Hyundai Santa Fe 2016 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Best 7-seat SUV to replace Camry?

    There's little between the Sorento and Santa Fe, both are very good cars, the CX-9 is also a good choice. I couldn't choose between the Sorento and the Santa Fe, either one would be a good option, but the CX-9 could be the best for your needs as it's a little roomier inside.

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  • Best used 7 seat SUVs under $30k?

    Sludge build-up is a turbocharger killer, but sludge won't build up if the car is regularly serviced and the oil is changed so it's always fresh. The problem is usually only with cars that haven't been serviced. Other seven-seaters you could look at are the Kia Sorrento, Hyundai Santa Fe, or Toyota Kluger.

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  • My Hyundai Santa Fe lurches in Drive

    They have to drain the pan and drain the transmission to fix the faulty solenoid, so they’ll have to refill it with new fluid and use a new gasket. If the solenoid wasn’t faulty there would be no need to drain the pan or replace the gasket, so I think you have a good claim to be covered for the whole cost of the repair, including the new oil and gasket.

    You should approach the dealer in the first instance, and then Hyundai directly if that fails to produce a satisfactory resolution.

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