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Holden EJ
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Holden EJ Pricing and Specs

1963 price from

The Holden EJ is available from $2,100 to $4,400 for the 2021 across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
1963 $2,100 $4,400
1962 $2,100 $4,400

Holden EJ FAQs

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  • Miles behind the times

    Metric conversion scales for speedos were popular at the time we changed from imperial measurements to metric, but I haven't seen one for years. I'm told Auto Surplus (ph: 9873 3566) and Auto Spares Galore (ph: 9758 3644) used to stock them, so it might be worth trying them. Other than that, you might keep an eye out for one at a swap meet. As for a new speedo, I don't believe there are systems available for the HT. One solution would be to make your own scale by applying a strip of tape to the speedo face at the appropriate speeds -- 50km/h, 60km/h and 100km/h.

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  • Holden Ute wipers shudder

    They shuddered when they were new, the problem is that they're not flipping over when they should at the top of the stroke and they're forced back across the windscreen against the grain if you like. Look at the blades and the way they are mounted on the arms and make sure they are free to change angle when they change direction.

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  • Replacing my Holden HG with an SV6

    That's a brave move after all those years driving the HG, but you've chosen a car that should give you good service. It's not possible to say it won't breakdown at any time, and if it does you won't be able to fix it yourself as you would have done with the HG. The brakes won't wear out as fast as they might on other brands, the current car doesn't appear to have the issues with ignition coils that earlier models did, and I haven't heard of reports of brake hose failures on the VE. Overall it is generally reliable and shouldn't give you too many nightmares.

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