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Replacing my Holden HG with an SV6

My 1970 HG Holden has been a great car, it has never let me down, and is easy to work on if needs be, but at age 61 I will soon be buying a new Commodore SV6. I am changing gears after 40-plus years and will opt for an automatic transmission, but I have fears after hearing about new cars with quick disc brake wear, brake hose failures, ignition coils burning out and heaps of other faults. How reliable is the SV6 and does it have anything to watch out for?

That's a brave move after all those years driving the HG, but you've chosen a car that should give you good service. It's not possible to say it won't breakdown at any time, and if it does you won't be able to fix it yourself as you would have done with the HG. The brakes won't wear out as fast as they might on other brands, the current car doesn't appear to have the issues with ignition coils that earlier models did, and I haven't heard of reports of brake hose failures on the VE. Overall it is generally reliable and shouldn't give you too many nightmares.