Holden Captiva 2011 Problems

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Holden Captiva: Sat nav issues

Answered by CarsGuide 27 Oct 2011

I don't think you've got much of a claim. While it's disappointing, and frustrating to have problems with a new car, Holden has corrected the problems. As such it has done what it is required to do, and your car is covered by the existing new car warranty, which would address any problems that might crop up in the next couple of years. I do think, however, that you have cause to complain to the dealer about the condition the car was in when returned to you.

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Holden Captiva: Big fuel economy

Answered by CarsGuide 4 Aug 2011

There would seem to be something amiss with your car to be getting 15-17 L/100 km average when the claimed average is less than 10 L/100 km, so you would appear to have grounds for complaint. Take them to the dealer and insist that the car be checked to make sure all is within specification, and if it is ask the dealer to do a supervised fuel consumption test on it to verify your assertions of poor economy. If you can't get any satisfaction at dealer level go direct to Holden and request the company's direct assistance.

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Holden Captiva: Converting to LPG

Answered by CarsGuide 12 Apr 2011

I’m not a fan of these systems; I don’t believe they have been properly developed to a point where they are reliable. They work by substituting LPG for diesel and can damage engine if the amount of LPG is not properly controlled.

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A response from Holden re left -pulling Captivas

Answered by CarsGuide 27 Jan 2011

A Holden spokesperson told us that they "have a handful of reported instances through Holden's Technical Assistance of Captivas with a "pulling left" complaint. In all cases, basic wheel alignment adjustment has rectified the condition. Given the volume of Captivas within the marketplace and the low instance of complaints, this condition is certainly not "common of the vehicle" but we are aware of some cases." Further it was recommended "that any vehicle with this condition be checked for correct wheel alignment adjustment (front and rear) and re-evaluated (as per normal repair for any vehicle with a complaint of this nature). Should a vehicle have a condition not corrected by wheel alignment adjustment the customer should then present the vehicle to a Holden Dealer for correction. If the Dealer has any issue with rectifying the condition the dealer should contact Holden Technical Assistance Centre for repair direction."

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Holden Captiva 2011: Poor wheel alignment

Answered by CarsGuide 13 Jan 2011

We have certainly had a lot of complaints about the Captiva pulling to the left and wearing tyres out prematurely. We have taken the issue up with Holden before, but will do so again now that we have had so many complaints.

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