Ford Falcon 1997 Problems

No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Ford Falcon 1997 reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Futura idles roughly

Answered by CarsGuide 1 Dec 2006

Could be. Try to isolate the problem by swapping components between cylinders and see if the problem follows the component. Swap injectors, spark plugs and leads, one component at a time. Check the compression. It sounds more than a blocked injector.

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Some blight spark

Answered by CarsGuide 21 Sep 2006

THE most common cause for an LPG engine to stall is a stray spark igniting the gas in the intake manifold. When that happens it can take some time for enough gas to accumulate in the engine again for it to refire. I would have the fuel and ignition systems thoroughly checked. I would first replace the spark-plug leads.

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Falcon's bad vibes

Answered by CarsGuide 11 Aug 2005

A LOT of work has been done in recent models to make the Falcon six smoother. A rather large engine, it is subject to vibration. This was regarded as fairly normal in past models because we didn't complain about it. The vibration your father is feeling sounds like a drive-line vibration -- a less-than-pleasant feature of all Falcons of that era. Try looking at the prop shaft, particularly the shaft angles. But it is more likely coming from an overall drive-line stiffness problem, with contributions from many areas, including the transmission housing, the engine and transmission mounts, the prop shaft, prop shaft angles, even the suspension mounts and wheels and tyres. Sorry.

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Lock and load

Answered by CarsGuide 28 Apr 2005

THIS was quite a common fault with the EF Falcon and was supposed to have been fixed with the EL. It was an adjustment problem and Ford issued a service advice with a solution. When the temperature climbed expansion in the locking mechanism sent the locking system haywire. I'd consult your dealer and have them fix the problem, and ask for it to be done at Ford's expense. An auto electrician will know what to do.

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Go for the rumble

Answered by CarsGuide 27 May 2004

THE XR6 was something of a revelation from the start. Its performance was close to the XR8, and it had a better on-road balance which made it feel lighter and livelier. The other factor was the price difference which made the less expensive XR6 seem like a good buy against the XR8. Against that, there's nothing like the rumble and feel of a V8, so go that way if that's what you'd like. As for fuel consumption, it depends on whether you're a lead-foot or not. Ford didn't publish fuel consumption figures for their sporty cars, but I would expect around 13 litres/100km from the XR8.

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Flood and fire

Answered by CarsGuide 15 Apr 2004

MORE than likely you have a leaking injector that allows fuel to flow into the cylinders while the car is sitting. When you start the engine, there is so much fuel in the cylinder that it's flooded. The fuel has to be cleared before the engine will fire. Get the injectors checked by a specialist. You may be up for one or more new ones, but the problem should be solved.

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