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Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Crew Van 2013 review

It's not pretty, but aesthetics don't really matter on a work they?

All VW's Caddy vans aren't the same. There are lots of them including a long wheelbase version called the Maxi Crewvan with two rows of seats and a load space as well. Crewvan is in the same workspace as a dual cab ute but it's a van.


It is functionality in a concentrate as the relatively compact dimensions of the Crewvan can swallow up to an 850kg payload as long as you don't need to carry five people. It has two side slider passenger/loading doors and a pair of barn doors at the rear. There's windows halfway back along the side for the rear seat passengers then it's a blind van from there back.


Crewvan is available with a 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine only and either a five-speed manual or slick shifting seven-speed DSG automated manual with front wheel drive. Our test vehicle had the latter and it makes a world of difference to the van in terms of driveability. It's a lot better with the DSG and definitely worth the money.

The plucky donk is good for 75kW/250Nm output the latter from a low 1500rpm right where you want it for heavy lugging. Fuel consumption is an impressive 5.9 litres/100km giving the Crewvan a possible range of around 1000km. A diesel particle filter keeps the exhaust clean and the engine scores an EU5 emissions rating. The rear suspension is a hard working rigid axle/leaf spring arrangement.


The start price is $27,990 but you get a decent amount of kit even if the wheels are steel without any sort of covering and the bumper and other external plastics are drab grey.

A pollen/dust filter, full size spare, park distance control, decent audio, remote central locking, aircon', multiple airbags and cruise are all included in the package. But satnav is optional with no mention of a rear view camera.


Obviously designed for owners who need a dual purpose passenger/work vehicle, the long wheelbase Crewvan has plenty to offer including excellent fuel economy and room to burn. The load space, indeed the entire vehicle has practical rubber floor mats and there are a number of tie down fixtures in the load area.

The rear pews are split fold but require a prop to hold them in place which intrudes a tad into the available large load space. Load height is low and a pallet will easily fit in the back. The lack of satnav is a problem because rear visibility is compromised a bit due to the ‘blind’ rear side panels. The turning circle could be a touch smaller too.

Plenty of storage compartments are provided including one big overhead bin above the front cabin. All in all a good little vehicle. Well, it's actually bigger than you think. It's not pretty, but aesthetics don't really matter on a work vehicle…do they?


Economical, good performance, plenty of room, practical long warranty and not too hard on the wallet.

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