We turn the spotlight on the car world's newest and brightest stars as we ask the questions to which you want the answers. But there's only one question that really needs answering -- would you buy one?

What is it?

This is the penultimate Nissan Navara, one step below the ST-X 550 but with the same engine and transmission, a bit less kit but still generously equipped. It was recently refreshed in the face of a bunch of newcomers to the “one tonne” ute brigade. Still a cracking good workhorse.

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What are competitors?

Many, top of the range Ranger, BT-50, Hilux, Rodeo, Dmax, but this is the only 3.0-litre V6 engine in the class.

What's under the bonnet?

Twin cam, 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel good for 170kW and 550Nm from a low 1750rpm.

How does it go?

Like a train. There's a seven speed automatic hooked up to the back of this strong engine with close ratios so it gets going really well, straight off idle pretty much everywhere. Near V8 petrol performance from this puppy.

Sounds good too for a diesel, much better than a four or five pot. Superb roll on acceleration and the transmission kicks down willingly right into the fat torque band - whoosh.

Is it economical?

Expect about 10.0 litres/100km, Nissan quotes about 9.5 which seems achievable if you can resist the temptation to plant the right foot.

Is it green?

Not really, what one tonner is?

Is it safe?

Misses out on the gold standard five star rating but gets a four star gong. Has six air bags and stability control, mustn’t get a good mark for other stuff like pedestrian safety, perhaps roll over though it does have a rear bar.

Is it comfortable?

Surprisingly so, not too firm even unladen, smooth engine, minimal noise, hum from the chunky tyres intrudes a tad, plenty of kit including a decent audio, Bluetooth phone, comfy seats (5), dual zone climate control power mirrors and decent cloth upholstery.

What's it like to drive?

Liked it a lot, would have one in a flash especially with that 3000kg towing capacity and that strong engine performance with acceptable economy.

Is it value for money?

At the price it's good especially compared with other makes that aren't V6s and cost the same...

Would we buy one?

Yes, even if we didn't need it as a tool of trade, having this much poke and load capacity at your disposal would be decidedly handy. Big tray for a dual cab too, totes a tonne in there.