The bargain-basement CX-5 Maxx is exactly that; a bargain. It's a very well-equipped machine (with a couple of notable exceptions), and you can even get it with a manual transmission, which is nice.

Every time I ever drove one, however, it was fitted with the 2.0-litre engine. And it's a bit of a gasper when it's dragging the CX-5's heft around (even though the Maxx isn't especially heavy).

Even my father, who is almost an octogenarian, found the 2.0-litre engine a bit sub-par for his needs. And he owned a series of Magnas - speed is clearly not something that interests him.

But now I've got the recently upgraded CX-5 Maxx (by recent, I mean May), running the updated 2.5-litre engine with cylinder deactivation that is perched at the top of the three-level Maxx trim.