We've bid bye-bye to the RX270 Lexus, a car we have grown to like for many reasons over three months and 7000km. We really like the fact that you can fill it with the cheapest E10 fuel and there's absolutely no dent in performance.

Engine and transmission

We are happy with how it goes despite being only a four pot petrol engine of relatively diminutive size -- a 2.7-litre. Power is rated at 138kW with 252Nm of torque but the slick shifting six speed auto box makes the most of it. There's also sequential shift mode if required.


We love luxuriating inside the stylish cabin complete with premium audio, a large format satnav/trip computer screen that also houses an excellent rear view camera. All SUVs should be so equipped.

Kit is generous with an automatic tail gate, eight way electric front seat adjustment, leather upholstery, climate control, Bluetooth and the brilliant Lexus Remote Touch Control that works like a computer mouse but better.


There's absolutely no cringe factor about this vehicle being a front wheel drive nor about the engine. See one on the road and the only giveaway is the RX270 badge. It looks the same as other models in the range right down to 18-inch alloys and premium paint. Slight differences in the spindle shape grill design actually look better than other RX models.

There's a big body chamfer under the front bumper that looks strange from some angles but is handy when you park over a high gutter or low wall. We like the size of it especially when there are four or more on board. Still has a large load space and nice big seats for all five occupants.

At no time do you feel acceleration is an issue. The RX270 gets up and goes, no fuss, no hiccups, no lag -- because it's a naturally aspirated engine. The vehicle has excellent ground clearance and can bounce over just any unforeseen detritus on the road - just like a real 4x4. But do you really need 4x4 capability? For most, the answer is no. So, why pay for 4x4 when you don't need it --on the purchase price or with the extra running costs.

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