Big Kias are good Kias. From the Sportage to the Carnival, there isn't a dud in the range, an idea that for some reason still raises eyebrows. Between those two machines, of course, is a third; the Sorento. 

Quite why Kia is missing an R I'm not sure (the place name is definitely Sorrento, I've checked), but every time I've driven the big fella, I've come away wondering why more of these don't make their way onto Australia driveways. 

In 2017, Kia added a new top-of-the-range spec above the Platinum called the GT-Line, perhaps hoping that a bit of sporting flair will help move a few more.

And so, with a mildly surprising price tag clanging around in my head, I spent a week in what I've always thought to be one of the best-priced seven-seaters in the market.