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Isuzu D-Max LS-T 2012 Review

Isuzu D-Max LS-T

When you've only got one vehicle on sale, it better be a good one. If off-road ability rates ahead of cabin ambience, the Isuzu D-Max has just that. In terms of solidity and reliability it has the credentials to make life tough for the the established four-wheel drive utes.

Its four-cylinder engine gives away torque to its rivals but makes up for it with a ruggedness that is hard to argue with.


At $50,700 the Isuzu LS-T is relying on reputation and build quality rather than discount pricing to win sales. The top-spec BT-50 is $51,140 and the XLT Ranger is $53,390. Both have a more car-like interior and more torque.

Closer to home, the Holden Colorado shares the Isuzu's platform and interior styling and its 2.8-litre donk brings a 3.5-tonne tow rating against 3.0-tonnes for the Isuzu's 3.0-litre turbodiesel four. It doesn't have the features or off-road cred of the Isuzu, though. The LS-T's advantages include leather seats, a reversing camera and satnav on the 6.5-inch touchscreen, comfier rear seats and hill ascent/descent control.


As a truck builder and long-term ute builder, Isuzu knows a bit about body-on-frame chassis. Software to help with horrendous off-road conditions is a smart move, as is the fitment of the Clarion-sourced touchscreen.

The downside of that screen is the fact audio controls aren't on the steering wheel, meaning the driver's eyes are momentarily off the road when changing volume or stations. There is a remote control for the passenger to play with, though and a USB connection is secreted in the glovebox.


Much like the Ford/Mazda duo, the Isuzu has the edge in looks over the Colorado in the eyes of this beholder. It looks tough, if not as slab-sided as the Ranger. The rear pews slope backwards so passengers are at least semi-comfortable.

It needs some weight in the tray to avoid jolting through the rear leaf springs and the interior is looking dated compared to the class leaders. Hard plastics and a lack of glossy highlights are great for the workhorse models but don't give the high-end LS-T a quality look.


Six airbags ensure occupant protection but the D-Max only earned a four-star rating by EuroNCAP, which says chest and leg protection is marginal in a frontal crash. The side impact crash caused no damage to the dummy but passenger protection - like most vehicles in this class - isn't great.


Competent on road, capable off it. That sums up the Isuzu and points to it being a smart choice for owners who want a genuine 4x4 ute without owning something as big as the Ranger. The ride is a touch jittery in the rear when the tray is unloaded but settles down with 200kg of cement.

Direct steering helps when driving on narrow lanes and in carparks and it's backed by a decent amount of feedback when the D-Max is cornering. The electric-powered driver's seat is a bonus but the wheel can't be adjusted for reach.  On paper, the four-cylinder engine lacks torque compared to its rivals but on the road that won't be felt unless owners are approaching the tow limit.

The five-speed auto lacks a cog compared to the class leaders but still has great fuel use at 8.1 litres over 100km. Engine noise is also a touch louder than the leaders, with muted clatter at idle and on full throttle.


The Isuzu is a serious 4WD but that comes at the expense of cabin civility at a time when the class leaders are getting soft and citifed at least on the inside. For that reason I'd spend the extra $700 and garage the Mazda as a tradies' runabout, but if I was looking for a purposeful off-roader, it'd be hard to go past the D-Max.

Isuzu D-Max LS-T Crewcab
Price: $50,700
Warranty: Three years/100,000km
Service intervals: Six months/10,000km
Safety: Six airbas, ABS, TC, ESC, hill ascent/descent
Engine: 3.0-litre turbodiesel four-cylinder, 130kW/363Nm
Transmission: Five-speed auto, four-wheel drive
Dimensions: 5.3m (L), 1.86m (W), 1.8m (H)
Weight: 2950kg
Thirst: 8.1L/100km (diesel), 214g/km CO2
Spare: Full-size

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