In an act of automotive heresy second to very few, I have never been on the Mustang train. I mean, I get it, I understand it, but I am not onboard.

But, each to their own and all that - the great thing about automotive iconography is that it's harmless. Bought a nasty old shell and spent 10 years doing it up? All power to you. Just don't expect me to look all delighted and ask questions about provenance or whatever.

Despite the genesis story featuring a birth in the 1960s, we're only up to the sixth generation of the pony car. I drove a 2015 car and I don't mind telling you, not only was I not on board, I was looking for any other train. The seats were squidgy, the V8 was virtually silent (slight exaggeration) and the interior was just plain ropey.

Editor Flynn was aware of my displeasure - in fact, he rode with me while I listed the litany of issues I had with it. Three years on and things have changed, apparently with the release of the updated MY19 Mustang. Let's find out if it's enough to at least get me on the platform.