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Renault Megane 2005 review

The controversial "I like big butts" campaign, which launched the Megane in Australia has ensured the ample derriere of this sports car is well known. The round botty of the Megane is at once retro and ultra-modern.

Of course, protruding bottoms are a matter of personal taste and for some people, fat-bottomed girls make the world go around.

This one certainly pushed all my buttons even as I was pushing her's. Renault uses a credit-card sized card and an old-fashioned "start" button in place of a key. It takes a little getting used to but is yet another point of difference that sets this little pocket rocket apart from other cars her size.

The keycard also operates the remote central locking and boot mechanism. Automatic windscreen wipers and light-sensing headlights help you to concentrate on the driving. But she's not just all show and speed.

The Megane has a five-star safety rating from the Euro/NCAP safety program. The list of safety and security appointments is longer than all the other features and includes six airbags and emergency assist braking. The Megane even tucks you in by reassuringly locking all the doors once you've pulled away from the kerb.

This is a car for drivers who love to drive, with its six-speed gearbox (manual only) and the fastest response time of any of the cars I have tested. All the extras are there, too. The rally-style seats immediately put you in the mood and the orange seat belts and stitching along with alloy-drilled foot pedals are constant reminders that this is no ordinary commuter vehicle.

Renault is keen to point out that its experience in building and racing Formula 1 cars is why the Renault sports range, including the turbo Megane, is so racy.

The boot space is healthy enough to accommodate a family load of shopping but you'd expect that, wouldn't you? Nifty and convenient storage is all part of the package.

Other drivers certainly got a good view of the distinctive rear ... they were left well and truly behind at the green light. Well, a girl's gotta strut her stuff a little. As I cruised by, I thought I could hear drivers and pedestrians chant: "I see you, baby, shakin' that ass". Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it.

Renault Megane Turbo 225

ORANGE seat belts and stitching. Fastest take-off on the block – seriously fast. Start button – it's quirky.

REAR vision a little restricted. Long-legged passengers can be cramped.

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