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Audi A4 2002 Review

This A4 wagon was pressed back into full-speed duty in pretty quick time and all was well.

But this A4 wagon was pressed back into full-speed duty in pretty quick time and all was well.

Audi's A4 Avant is a dutiful machine. It wears a subtle, sophisticated style, cut for purpose as much as pose.

The latest range of A4s – sedans, wagons and a convertible around the corner – have a clean and tidy family resemblance. It is a non-confronting style, designed to last with class and set-off here with a smart set of alloy wheels.

Some may find the look a little slab-sided, perhaps even non-descript, yet this latest Audi A4 Avant draws its fair share of admirers.

Audi's attention to detail, as usual, continues through to the cabin. It could be a little sombre for some tastes with plenty of black and grey but it is a stylish cabin which should wear better than some, still looking sophisticated well down the track.


AUDI A4 Avant 2.0

Body: Five-door wagon

Engine: 2-litre, four-cylinder

Power: 96kW @ 5700rpm

Torque: 195Nm @ 3300rpm

Transmission: CVT automatic

Wheels: 15-inch alloy

Price: $54,250


As with all Audis, there is the red-lit instrument panel and controls for the darker drives, like it or lump it.

This is a comfortable, practical cabin, quiet and well-presented.

Appointments include front and side airbags, power windows, airconditioning (with a handy two-way split for front seaters) and CD player.

The back seat is not meant for bigger passengers over a long distance, the cargo space out the back is useful (front-wheel-drive means more room) and there are plenty of storage spaces around the wagon, which is a little longer than its predecessor.

There's a cargo cover for the rear and the back seat is split 60:40.

So the Audi A4 Avant is a stylish wagon with a decent slab of practicality. It is an urbane machine.

The driving force here is Audi's 2-litre motor, developing a modest 96kW at 5700rpm. There is 195Nm of torque at 3300rpm.

Now this is not a tyre-smoking, tarmac-chewing, torque-steering powerplant; rather, this 20-valve, four-cylinder motor is smoothly adequate.

The big plus, the motoring fun of the A4 Avant, arrives with the automatic transmission, a clever Constantly Variable Transmission which allows for full auto mode or a six-step manual mode.

Left to its own devices the Audi transmission is pleasant and useful with a smooth and progressive rise in road speed.

Changed manually between the six slots, the gearbox allows the A4 to develop a very sporting nature which belies the engine's power output and helps move the wagon smartly.

The handling is neutral, the front end develops little torque steer and the A4 wagon has a nice balance between ride and handling. Only the steering, a tad doughy compared with other European rivals, lets the package down a little.

This is not a cheap wagon and will not have universal appeal. But those chasing a handsome, refined and practical compact wagon from Europe will be impressed and quite comfortable.

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