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Audi RS4 Avant 2007 review


They didn't have to ask twice. We'd take the "family wagon" no worries. Ha, who is kidding whom? A family wagon with near supercar performance and stunning looks makes a great combination.

This is the car that has spurred the other two German super sedan makers to up the ante with their next 'bahn blasters - the Benz C63AMG and the new BMW M3, both of which are V8 powered.

Audi now offers three variants of the RS4 with a cabriolet coming online about now.

All have the same powertrain and similar chassis and all are equipped to luxury car levels.

The Avant costs a cool $168,100 and is one of the quickest carry-alls on the market alongside the Chrysler 300C SRT8 that offers similar straight line performance but lacks all wheel drive. It sells for a lot less than the RS4 though.

But what we have here is quality - quality engineering, manufacturing, design, pretty much everything you want in a modern mass produced car.

The thing absolutely hammers and is capable of despatching the 0-100kmh spring in about 4.8 seconds.

It has a six speed manual gearbox with a slick shift and lovely long runs through each gear thanks in part to the 8250rpm redline of the 4.2-litre V8.

This engine, a joy to behold under the aluminium bonnet features direct injection and variable valve timing but is not turbo charged like previous Audi RS models.

It deoesn' need it.

With 309kW an 430Nm rumbling out of the engine bay, the power to weight ratio is well and truly in sports car territory.

Aluminium is used throughout the vehicle in key locations - the bonnet, front guards, much of the chassis, the suspension, massive 19in wheels.

It pays dividends in fuel efficiency, handling and performance.

But going is only part of the RS4 Avant story because it also stops like few other mainstream cars and handles with the best of them despite the engine being positioned well in front of the front axle. The 365mm front brakes are something to behold.

There's a Sport button on the multi-function wheel that opens up the dual outlet exhaust for a deeper rumble and also tightens the seat side bolsters to hold you more firmly in place.

The Avant brings with it a degree of practicality but interior room is compact and the load space is relatively small. But the rear seats can be folded flat for a large load space.

The Avant looks sensational with its muscular pumped-out guards, aero devices and low ride height. The alloy roof rails add an element of sensibility to the overt styling.

Driving the RS4 Avant is a rare treat. It has all the right stuff, makes the right noises and really puts a smile on your dial.

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