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Renault Megane 2014 Review

Peter Anderson road tests and reviews the 2014 Renault Megane GT-Line hatch, with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.

Renault is goal kicking continues with the recent introduction of a lower cost, well specified lineup into the Megane range. Called the GT-Line, the range of four models - two five door hatchbacks and two wagons, starts at $26,990. 

All have a 1.2-litre turbo four cylinder engine and a dual clutch automated manual (auto) transmission. The engine is found in quite a few other Renaults these days and has won a degree of respect for performance and economy.

GT-Line specifies more kit than the entry level Authentique and a sportier look with 17-inch alloys and the new corporate face with prominent Renault badge front and centre.


Though 1.2-litres sound too small for a largish small car like this, it's a high-tech turbocharged  unit with direct fuel injection and variable valve timing boosting output to 97kW/205Nm - about the same as a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated four.

But the benefit is at the bowser with Megane GT-Line capable of returning 5.6-litres/100km - on premium unleaded. Downsizing engine capacity is prevalent among European manufacturers all going down the turbo road for low emissions without sacrificing performance.


Is 1.2-litres enough? Well, a single drive proved the point beyond doubt as the GT-Line hatch we drove has a sporty edge not found on more mainstream small car offerings. Don't think about it and the engine capacity matters not a hoot. The turbo and the dual clutch manumatic make the car - pure and simple. It gets into the torque band early and always selects the right gear for any given application.

That means impressive drive feel and adequate get-go for what is essentially a family hatch. You can flick it through gears manually when required or leave it in D which is what we did most of the time.

Though fairly weighty at 1247kg, the GT-Line hatch feels nimble and controlled on the road. It's well specified and will probably be the strongest seller in the Megane range.

The drive feel is the same as a conventional auto with slightly quicker changes. Sporty dynamics give the GT-Line more appeal with sticky rubber, well calibrated suspension and electric power steering all contributing to an engaging drive. The GT Line has a pleasing feel to it and is large enough for five with decent load space at the back.

Though fairly weighty at 1247kg, the GT-Line hatch feels nimble and controlled on the road. It's well specified and will probably be the strongest seller in the Megane range.


The model we drove had Renault's excellent R-Link infotainment system with large tablet screen in the centre of the dash offering numerous controls and functions. It takes a bit too long to sync Bluetooth phone though.

The interior is fairly standard grey with a dash of red flash and some other goodies to funk it up. The interior itself is fairly generic Renault - practical and functional.

All Meganes score a five star ANCAP rating with a range of safety equipment designed to avoid a collision and protect if needed.

Kit includes front and rear park sensors, an OK audio system, manual headlight adjustment, aircon, auto headlights and wipers and front LED daytime driving lights.

We like the way it looks with that prominent nose capped with the Renault diamond badge. You can't be mistaken as to what it is.

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