Win a 2013 Pirelli Calendar

20 December 2012

It’s the world’s most famous calendar – coveted, exclusive and not for sale. And the 2013 edition is already making waves. Normally the Pirelli Calendar features models in various stages of undress, but the photographer chosen to shoot the 2013 has elected to keep the clothes on.

Steve McCurry is well-known as a documentary photojournalist, particularly famed for a 1984 National Geographic cover of a young Afghan woman. And for the Pirelli Calendar commission, he took the models to the lively streets of Brazil.

Previous photographers who have shot ‘The Cal’ – as it’s known -- have included fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld, Annie Leibovitz and Richard Avedon, each of whom has put their own personal stamp and philosophy on the creative direction of the images.

And the 2013 calendar has taken on an almost documentary flavour in images that feature famous models including Karlie Kloss, Summer Rayne, Isabeli Fontana, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, Liya Kibede, Kyleigh Kuhn -- and a heavily pregnant Adriana Lima.

But these are more than just pretty faces. Each model was selected because of their high-profile involvement with charities, and calendar information highlights the work the organisations do around the world.

"I tried to portray Brazil, its landscape, its economy and its culture, along with the human element," McCurry says. "This was the story I wanted to tell through my lens. For me photography is an important expressive means to tell large and small stories of daily life."

“In the background, Rio is bustling with life, with its historic quarters like Lapa and Santa Teresa, its favelas, its bars and nightclubs, its markets, dance centers and gyms, its schools and bus stops. The city appears at its most authentic, very different from the usual stereotypes.

"I walked a lot through the streets, looking at all these moments of daily life and taking lots and lots of pictures. I look for the moment of passage, when the image reveals a bit of tension."

“I would say I am a street photographer doing ‘found situations’. You can photograph nudes anywhere. But these models are clothed, and each of them has her own charity. They are purposeful and idealistic people. So I wanted to photograph them in a special place, and Rio was perfect for this,”

Twenty thousand copies of the calendar will be printed – and less than 200 come to Australia – but none are for sale. They are all given to a secret list of VIPs as gifts. But of course one calendar is already listed on eBay for close to $1000.

However you can win one by telling us in about 20 words in the comments below what you think of the new look. The competition is open until midnight AEST, January 13, and the winner will be announced on on January 18.