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Why BMW thinks you should pick its new 2021 4 Series Gran Coupe over the 3 Series sedan

BMW’s new 4 Series Gran Coupe will look similar to its two-door sibling.

BMW’s upcoming 4 Series Gran Coupe will retain the same muscular (and divisive styling) as its two-door sibling, which the brand’s head designer believes will differentiate it enough from the mechanically related 3 Series sedan.

Speaking to Australia ahead of the local launch of the 4 Series coupe, BMW head of exterior design Christopher Weil said the yet-to-be-revealed new-generation 4 Series Gran Coupe will borrow many styling cues from its two-door sibling.

“The four door is also very, very muscular, very elegant,” he said. “You’ve seen already on concept cars which are reflecting the kind of the looks of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, it will be very elegant – the same way as the coupe is let’s say.

“Of course, the roofline is different, but the car will be stunning.”

Globally, the 4 Series Gran Coupe actually made up the bulk of sales for the first-generation 4 Series nameplate that launched in 2014, with 45 per cent of sales going to the four-door fastback.

The coupe and convertible body styles that you immediately associate with the 4 Series name? Just 30 and 25 per cent of volume respectively.

In Australia however, the story is a little different with the coupe being the most popular body style (42%), followed by the Gran Coupe (36%) and convertible (22%).

Australian BMW buyers might instead be opting for the 3 Series (a traditional four-door sedan) over the 4 Series Gran Coupe as both share the same market, but Mr Weil believes there is room for both.

“The customers of the 4 Series have a different mindset, that’s the most important thing,” he said.

“There are people out there which are, let’s say, more rebellious or less conformed than others – or they’re searching for something special – and I think 4 Series is more for those kinds of people.

“We found that its working pretty well now.”

As for when to expect to see the new 4 Series Gran Coupe, Mr Weil would not confirm exact timing but said “it will come pretty soon”, so expect the model land in Australian showrooms sometime in 2021.

As for what will be powering the 4 Series Gran Coupe, it will could reflect the same engine line-up as the coupe – meaning a 420i, 430i and M440i flavours – but it is now confirmed the whole 4 Series range will skip plug-in hybrid powertrains.

“No plug-in hybrid is currently planned for the 4 Series,” said BMW 4 Series project manager Andreas Ederer in the same interview.