Transformers stretch limo

1 November 2012
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Western Australia is a big state with big-thinking people. So when Perth hire car firm Showtime Luxury Limos decided to use a Chevrolet Camaro – star car of the Transformer movies – it seemed just a short step to …well, transforming it.

The result is the Camaro Transformers Bumblebee stretch limo, in Autobot-worthy yellow livery, gullwing and scissor doors – and a luridly electronic interior guaranteed to get any partygoer’s head spinning before they’ve even touched a drop of alcohol. 

Showtime owner Roger Vuksanovic says the decision to draw on the popular Transformers movie franchise seemed a logical one. “We wanted to build an exotic sports car limousine but couldn’t find a chassis that was strong enough to cope with the additional loads a large vehicle would impose on the chassis,” Vuksanovic says. 

“So we contacted Melbourne-based Presidential Coachbuilders and they suggested the current generation Camaro. Once we had decided on the Camaro it made perfect sense to take it a step further and create Bumblebee.” 

Vuksanovic says despite the vehicle’s size, it’s not difficult for the chauffer to handle.  “Aside from having to take your time in manoeuvring the vehicle due to its length, the car has loads of power on tap, and is quite easy to drive,” he says.

Vuksanovic says there’s a great response to Bumblebee from all kinds of clients. “It’s been amazing,” he says. “It seems everyone identifies with the character Bumblebee no matter their age. In fact, no one ever refers to the fact that it is a stretch Chevy Camaro -- they simply know it’s Bumblebee.”

And the company says it has plans for other similarly outstanding limos in the works. “We’re already working closely with Presidential Coachbuilders on a brand new Porsche Cayenne stretch,” Vuksanovic says.

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