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The most expensive rear view camera in Australia

With a top speed of 325km/h, the new Lamborghini Huracan supercar may be one of the fastest machines on the road, but owners better be good at parking it.

A rear view camera and parking sensors are a $5900 option on this $465,000 car, even though they are standard on a $20,000 Toyota Corolla and available as an accessory on any vehicle for as little as $500.

As consumer pressure mounts for rear view cameras to be standard equipment on all cars, and in particular on SUVs due to their impact on driveway safety, Lamborghini has defended the decision to make the safety features an option.

The Italian company’s Asia-Pacific representative Sebastian Henry said the high cost option was “not so unusual for Lamborghini”.

“These have always been Lamborghini optional extras and the Huracan will therefore follow suit,” he said.

“Senses and cameras aren’t legally-required and so we think it best to give our Aussie customers as much power as possible to customise their Lamborghini to their liking.”

There is a fair bet most Lamborghini customers will take up the option.

With the car’s sleek lines, low roof and small back window that overlooks its V10 engine, it’s almost impossible to park without the aid of a camera.

The company said 60 per cent of customers take up the option in Australia, although declined to reveal how many buyers negotiate to get the option included in the deal.

Rear view cameras on an option on Porsche sports-cars and cost between $1690 and $2580. But it fits them as standard on the Cayenne SUV.

From this year, Ferrari has made a rear view camera standard on all its sports-cars.

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