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The $40,000 Porsche

Fancy a new Porsche 911 but can’t afford the $200,000 asking price for a new one? This $40,000 lounge setting could be for you.

A Polish firm called Luc & Andre has just begun making leather lounges in the shape of the rear end of the new Porsche 911.

With bodies made from either aluminum or fibreglass, the lounges have their own cool box to keep the bubbly chilled, and a shelf slides out where the rear wing is normally located.

The two-seater Porsche - minus the engine, wheels and, let’s face it, the rest of the car - was unveiled at this week’s Geneva motor show.

After getting established with Cobra-bodied lounges that sell for about $16,000, the company says it has only just started making the Porsche pews.

Although the seats do not have Porsche’s endorsement (there are no Porsche badges, although there is room for owners to add them later), they are fitted with the genuine Porsche tail-lights.

The company says it can ship to anywhere in the world, including Australia, but is yet to have any enquiries from Down Under.

The Porsche pews are less than half the price of a real one; the Macan SUV due mid-year will be priced from $85,000 plus on-road costs.

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