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Suzuki Kizashi pimped

The Japanese company's vital mid-sized sedan has not even hit the road yet, in Australia or the USA, but that has not stopped it from starring at the giant SEMA hot car show this week in Las Vegas.

Suzuki delivered three pre-production prototypes to four tuning specialists in the USA and challenged them to create a set of look-at- me show cars to draw attention to the Kizashi.  There has been minimal go-faster work on the cars' four-cylinder engines, and the shape is still much the same as the final production car, but the Kizashi kids have already been a hit with Gen-X visitors to the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Assocation's annual showcase.

The SEMA show is now so important that a number of significant Australian companies, including Autobarn and radiator specialist PWR, are involved in the massive event.  The three tuner cars produced for SEMA come from Road Race Motorsport, which created a 'Platinum Edition' Kizashi; Delta Tech Engineering, with the Delta Kizashi; Westside Auto Group, which did its Kizashi Soleil; and Import Tuner magazine, which worked on the engine and suspension.

At least one of the cars is likely to come to Australia during 2010 for motor show work, although there will be no Melbourne show in 2010 and Sydney will not run until September.  "As the biggest show in the world for these companies to show off their wares, SEMA was the logical choice for Suzuki to unveil the first of what will no doubt be many modified versions of the exciting new Suzuki mid-sized premium sedan," says Tony Devers, general manager of Suzuki Australia.

"Kizashi has been eagerly awaited around the world since the first concept was shown at Frankfurt in 2007, particularly by modified car builders.  It is an exciting car, and one we are confident will attract huge attention." Suzuki Australia is not talking yet about prices or final performance and economy figures for the regulation Kizashi, but the tuner companies are happy to detail their SEMA work.

Road Race Motorsport did a special body kit, including a custom grille and vented bonnet, then went to work with lowered suspension and bigger breaks.  The engine also breathes a little better thanks to a custom intake and exhaust system.  Delta Tech Engineering went right back to the basics, starting with a bare bodyshell and concentrated on a lighting package with LED and HID focus.

But, despite the company's lighting expertise, it also tweaked the engine, added a body kit, then sit its car rolling on Koni suspension.  The Soleil from Westside features a custom two-tone paintjob, tweaked front and rear guards with a fabricated grille, finished with R-Worx alloy wheels.

Fewer details are available on the Import Tuner car because it will be featured in the magazine, but it claims significant engine tweaking and suspension modifications aimed at its youthful audience.

Suzuki says it is more than happy with the four cars, and what they say about the Kizashi.  "We are rapt that such a cutting edge design group has seen the potential in creating a radical profile for Kizashi," says Devers.  "We are living the dream that 'Something good is coming', which is the translation of the word Kizashi from Japanese into English."

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