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SSC Tuatara 2019 is a hypercar-hammering monster

For all the big-name models revealed at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance, it would have been easy to skip over a unveiling from American sports car maker SSC. But here are 1305 reasons you shouldn’t.

That’s how much power the brand’s new Tuatara hypercar produces in kilowatts (when its being run on E85 fuel, at least). Which, we’re sure you’ll agree, is outrageous.

Powered by a twin-turbocharged 5.9 litre V8, the Tuatara will produce an almost-as-staggering 1007kW when run on 91-octane petrol, with both figures enough to propel SSC's stunner into upper, upper echelon of global performance cars.

Why so much power? Because the Tuatara was designed with the goal of hitting a 480km/h top speed. And, apparently, it does. Which is bad news for the current “official” record holder, the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which tops out at measly 447km/h.

SSC was formerly known as Shelby SuperCars, and company founder and CEO Jerod Shelby was on hand for the Tuatara’s long-awaited debut. The name, by the way, is inspired by a New Zealand lizard. But we best let SSC explain.

“The name Tuatara was inspired by a modern day New Zealand reptile that bears the same name. A direct descendent of the dinosaur, this reptile's name translated from the Maori language means 'peaks on the back,' which is quite fitting, given the winglets on the back of the new car,” the company says.

The power, prodigious though it is, is only half the Tuatara story. The other is its feather-light weight and sleek aerodynamics, with both the chassis and body work sculpted entirely from carbon fibre.

Pricing and specification details are yet to be confirmed, but if you’re in the market for the world’s fastest lizard, get your cheque-signing pen ready: production will be limited to just 100 units total.

Is the SSC the ultimate hypercar? Tell us in the comments below.