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Spy shot BMW M5

Carparazzi has caught the new BMW M5 despite its ?psychedelic? body wrapping.

The new M5 is out testing every week at the Nurburgring and, despite heavy camouflage, Carparazzi has caught it clearly. These pictures show a car which still has some plastic cladding but has also picked up BMW's signature ‘psychedelic’ body wrapping to disguise its final lines.

Even so, the shape of the front bumper and fascia, and the size of the giant new air intakes, is clear. They point more than ever to the use of a hot new engine, confirming talk from Germany that BMW is switching the M5 to the 4.4-litre twin- turbo engine already used in the M-power versions of the X6 and X5 SUVs.

It makes more than 410kW, a little short of the V10 power in the latest Audi RS6 but with more torque than the outgoing V10 in the current M5. There is also a hint of a power bulge on the bonnet of the new M5, which would be needed as the layout for BMW's engine has the twin turbochargers tucked into the vee at the top of the engine.

It is fine for clearance in the X6 and X5 but would call for more space in a low-line 5 Series sedan. Apart from the engine, the pictures point to the M division's signature four exhaust pipes at the back, as well as large cross-drilled brakes at each corner of the car.