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Rolls-Royce pimps the ride

Twenty five of the Bespoke cars, called Phantom Black, have been hand built at Goodwood in England.

They feature lustrous metallic "Diamond Black" paintwork, 21-inch alloy wheels and visible tail pipes.

Under the bonnet the 6.75 litre V12 engine has gloss black inlet manifolds, chrome plated top covers and new black Rolls-Royce badges.

The company boasts the motor is almost silent while pumping out 337kW and can sprint from 0-100km/h in 5.7sec with a limited top speed of 239km/h.

It might be bling outside and muscle under the bonnet, but inside, it is still all gentlemen's club with soft black leather upholstery edged with "Seashell" piping, black ash wood veneer and silver pinstripe on the door capping.

However, the steering wheel has a slightly thicker rim, hinting at its sporting dynamics.

All 25 Phantom Blacks have been snapped up. Who knows; they could feature in the next hip hop video.