Nitro Circus blasts into live stunt tour

29 March 2012
Nitro Circus blasts into live stunt tour

The mind-blowing action of Nitro Circus comes off the small screen and on to the stage in June. The live show starts its Australian tour in Brisbane on May 11 and follows the coast until it gets to Perth on June 9.

The show includes displays on what-not-to-do with BMXs, motor bikes and 18m death-defying ramps.

Nitro Circus has made a name for themselves as a showcase of extreme sports. And the live action sports group wants to become the Cirque du Soleil for adrenalin junkies.

At the centre of Nitro's shows is former US motocross stunt hot shot Travis Pastrana, who is a celebrity on the extreme sports circuit.

But his fame hasn't come without cost -- the two-time motocross champion and NASCAR racer has broken most of the bones in his body pulling death-defying stunts.

Nitro Circus Live performed in MGM Grand's Garden Arena in Las Vegas last June, and conducted an independent survey of 500 attendees from a 12,000-strong audience, from which 91 per cent said "it was the best show of any kind they'd ever seen''.

"All the hotel groups saw how fans reacted and now understand our vision to become the Cirque du Soleil for young people,'' a spokesman said.