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New Mitsubishi Pajero powers up! Reborn seven-seat off-road icon to pump out a Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series-taming 285kW - reports

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New Mitsubishi Pajero powers up! (Image: CarScoops)
New Mitsubishi Pajero powers up! (Image: CarScoops)

The new Mitsubishi Pajero will be a potent plug-in powerhouse, with the reborn icon to pump out some 285kW, out-punching the Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series and Lexus LX, according to new reports.

The new model is now all-but confirmed, with the brand globally revealing plans for a new large SUV, and Mitsubishi in the USA trademarking the nameplate "Montero", which is what the Pajero was called Stateside. The model is expected to borrow from the all-new Nissan Patrol, and will reportedly launch as a 2027 model year.

And now US media is forecasting just what will be powering it, with CarScoops claiming the new model will use a version of the Outlander's 2.4-litre plug-in petrol powertrain, albeit with the kilowatts dialled right up.

While the Outlander PHEV draws 135kW and 245Nm from its petrol engine, twin electric motors and 20kWh battery, US media points to the Pajero offering a LC300-humbling 285kW, presumably from a combination of engine tuning and more powerful electric motors.

That figure out-punches the 227kW offered by the LandCruiser, though there's no word yet on how the Mitsubishi's torque will compare to the 700Nm on offer from the Toyota.

Increased power outputs will reportedly join proper off-road kit like front and rear locking e-differentials, and dynamic torque vectoring, while the plug-in powertrain will give the Pajero the unique ability to travel in full EV mode off-road, as well as genuinely compete on the capability front.

As reported, Mitsubishi in Australia recently told CarsGuide that a large SUV is coming, though the brand globally is yet to confirm details of what to expect.

“Mitsubishi Motor Corporation announced its line up for the next couple of years… and under the shroud there’s a large SUV in there. So the reality is yes, we have publicly announced, effectively, that we are studying a vehicle in that space,” Mitsubishi Australia CEO, Shaun Westcott, has told CarsGuide.

“I cannot tell you what it is, what it looks like, what the powertrain is, whether there’s a ladder frame, whether there’s monocoque. I cannot give you any of that information other than to say that Mitsubishi has announced that we are working on a large SUV."

Asked whether the brand in Australia would retain the Pajero nameplate for a future large SUV, Mr Westcott told us he'd "love to".

"I have put up my hand and said we would love to have one because it's a very valuable nameplate, because it is a fantastic product, because it's a halo product," Mr Westcott said.

"For all of the above reasons, we would love to have one here."

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