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Mitsubishi XR-PHEV II concept revealed

Plug-in hybrid Geneva concept hints at next Mitsubishi ASX small SUV.

Mitsubishi has released the first images and details of the new XR-PHEV II SUV concept which will debut at the Geneva motor show next month. 

An evolution of the XR-PHEV concept shown at Tokyo in 2013, this latest creation looks to be closer to a production model and likely hints at a replacement for the current ASX small SUV.

Like the previous XR-PHEV, the new concept also uses a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that likely previews a production model that would sit beneath the existing Outlander PHEV

The XR II shares its 2670mm wheelbase with the current ASX but is slightly longer overall, wider and taller and features a significantly more muscular and daring design.

A unique and heavily defined character line runs the length of the car and blends into the rear tailgate and the design features a Range Rover Evoque-like rising belt line.

The XR PHEV II's look is a dramatic departure from Mitsubishi's current design language and features noticably more aggressive and angular lines, which are likely to be toned down for production. 

Powering the concept is a small petrol engine combined with a 120kW electric motor driving the front wheels. 

Like the Outlander PHEV, the XR PHEV II runs in full electric mode ordinarily, but the petrol engine will chime in if the batteries need to be charged or if extra urge is needed - the combustion engine can work as either a generator or directly power the wheels. 

The driver is also able to control the hybrid powertrain manually through selectable drive modes, allowing for full combined power or pure electric driving at any time.  

Mitsubishi claims the car is able to emit less than 40g/km of CO2 while also benefiting from the instant power and torque provided by electric motors.