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Mini considers camping models

Mini campers galleryMini purists will probably throw their hands up in the air with disgust, but yes Mini bosses have seriously considered offering ‘camper’ versions of the famous (not as small as it used to be) small car.

Mini has just unveiled three concept ‘campers’ which could be the perfect home-away-from-home for car buyers looking to get out into nature on the weekends, but still have a fun and easy to drive city car on Monday morning.

Now, the idea of whacking a big camper ‘pod’ onto the roof of a Mini may seem a bit weird but you can kind of see some logic beyond at least exploring the idea. The fact is most Mini owners are young well-to-do city-dweller types and having the versatility of a vehicle that couldsafely take them to areas out past the suburbs would probably be attractive to many of them.

How comfortable the pods would be and what the driving dynamics of the Mini would be like with that extra weight up-top remain unknown however.

Mini also hasn’t spoken about how easy, or difficult it might be to turn your Mini back into a regular car when your weekend escape is over!
Never the less, in a statement Mini said the concept vehicles ‘reflect different aspects of the rise in popularity of camping and festivals, creating a choice of premium home-from-home options for the enthusiastic traveller.’

The statement then went on to say that at this stage there are no plans to make the concepts a reality; some would say that’sprobably a good idea! In the meantime here’s how Mini described their three ‘camper’ concepts:

The Mini Clubvan Camper is the world’s smallest luxury camper van, packed with practical solutions that make it ideal accommodation for an individual on a weekend away.

The Mini Cowley is a compact yet comfortable caravan for two people, equipped with a twin-ring gas stove, fridge and sink.

The Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp with its innovative roof-top tent is the getaway car for an adventurous couple, evoking images of African safari and expedition vehicles.

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