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Maserati recalls several models

Dozens of Australian owners of one of the world's hottest sports cars have been asked to return their vehicles for repairs, after it emerged that a software glitch could cause a high-tech stability control system to shut down.

Maserati has announced that the glitch could cause problems for models in its Quattroporte range. The models are priced from $269,000 to $298,000.

Several models, 30 of which have been sold and registered in Australia, have been recalled due to the problem, which could lead to the vehicle’s Maserati Stability Program (MSP) to disable itself.

While Maserati’s website said the MSP stability control includes the car’s ABS and the “electronically controlled braking distributor”, a spokesman said those features will continue working regardless.

“It doesn’t affect the ABS brakes or any of the other safety features,” the spokesman said.

“It’s a software issue… if the battery gets down to a certain level, the traction control will trip out.”

The problem arose from a defect in the MSP caused by “a bug in the electronic software”, Australian distributor Ateco Automotive said in a statement.

The statement also said that owners of the Quattroporte 139 automatic model should contact a Maserati dealer for details.

The Maserati spokesman said it was not a 'catastrophic' problem and a warning light will appear on the vehicle’s dashboard if the traction control did cut out.