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Lapping up a Lowndes

Fans flocked to see the only Aussie celebrity with a car named after them at this year's motor show — the XR by Craig Lowndes Ford ute.

Jayden Morrison, 7, is a huge fan of Lowndes and on Saturday got the chance to meet his hero.

And there's one reason in particular he can't get enough of the driver he describes as “cool”. “I like him because he drives a Ford,” he said.

Merchandise and memorabilia featuring the Ford star sold out at Bathurst last weekend and continues to be in big demand around Australia.

Even Holden stores are selling Lowndes merchandise, with a Queensland shop requesting he make an in-store visit.

And while some are suggesting he is reaching the level achieved by his mentor, the late great Peter Brock, Lowndes said he wouldn't go that far.

“Peter had 25 to 30 years in the industry. I have only been in it for 10 years,” he said.

“But I suppose I have the same sort of philosophy.

“Fans are a big part of motor racing. I have always recognised that, Peter helped me to recognise that and I enjoy interacting with the fans.”

Lowndes spent yesterday afternoon signing autographs and posing for photos for fans with his Bathurst-winning co-driver Jamie Whincup.

His name is attached to a whole list of memorabilia including clothing, stickers, pens, photographs, even balloons and temporary tattoos, in what has become a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The latest product to feature the Craig Lowndes signature is a limited edition “XR by Craig Lowndes” ute.

Only 650 models have been released with an extra $6000 worth of equipment for an added $1000 to the price tag, starting from $37,990.

“We've been working with Ford trying to make it happen and it's fantastic to now have not only a close relationship on the race track, but now off the track as well,” he said.

“Cars have been my life, to turn that into a road vehicle everyone can drive, I have pleasure in it, it's pretty exciting.”