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Jaguar XF and Renault Trafic recalled

Jaguar Land Rover Australia has recalled 642 examples of its XF luxury sedan for a fuel piping issue, while Renault Australia has called back 1472 light-commercial Trafic vans for a possible loose bolt in the rear axle.

In the case of the XF, only 2.0-litre GTDi petrol-equipped variants are involved, with a potential clearance issue between the underfloor fuel pipes and vehicle under-shield leading to the recall.

The potential vibration and chafing between components could lead to a fuel leak and, under the right circumstances, fuel could pool underneath the vehicle that could ignite and cause a fire.

Customers are advised to keep an eye for any leakages and, as a precautionary measure, affected Jaguar owners will be contacted and directed to their closest Jaguar Land Rover dealer for inspection and repair work.

Affected Jaguar XFs were produced between May 1, 2013 and June 15, 2015 and fall within the vehicle identification number (VIN) range of SAJAA05M7DPS92080 and SAJWA0FS7FPU88784.

The Renault Trafics are being called back for a manufacturing fault which sees the potential for an insufficiently tightened Panhard Rod bolt.

Repairs on both the Jaguar XF and Renault Trafic will be carried out free of charge to customers.

The Panhard Rod – used to connect the frame of the vehicle to the axle and prevent lateral motion on Trafic – if loosened, could lead to the decoupling of the rear axle from the body of the vehicle.

Owners are urged to look out for abnormal noises and tyre friction coming from inside the wheel arch, as well as unstable road holding and wobbly handling.

The recall will affected some Trafics sold between July 1, 2015 and January 21, 2016 with VINS ranging from VF11FL112E0709587 to VF11FL118G0733943, however not all vans within that range are compromised.

Renault Australia will contact affected customers to arrange an inspection and repair of the vehicle.

The French car-maker says more information is available from its dealers or by contacting its customer relations department on 1800 009 008.

Repairs on both the Jaguar XF and Renault Trafic will be carried out free of charge to customers.

Is your Renault Trafic or Jaguar XF affected by this recall? Tell us in the comments below.