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Infiniti Project Black S Prototype set for Paris debut

The stealth-looking Project Black S Prototype borrows tech from the world of F1

Infiniti will whip the covers off the Project Black S prototype at the Paris Motor Show, with the stealth-looking two-door coupe borrowing its hybrid tech from the world of Formula One.

The Project Black S makes use of Infiniti's 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo engine, part of a dual-hybrid powertrain - complete with KERS-style energy recovery - that produces a whopping 420kW and a sub-4.0sec sprint to 100km/h.

The Q60-based coupe has been designed to preview the sportiest version of Infiniti's EV future, with the Black S badge to be glued to the most high-performance models in the range.

“The Project Black S represents the very top end of electrification in the... portfolio," says Infiniti's chairman and global president, Roland Krueger. "Project Black S utilises high power and smart energy management from advanced powertrains, a thrilling dynamic capability on road and track, and a performance-oriented aesthetic."

"The Project Black S prototype is a test-bed for new ideas and technologies, demonstrating how our... partnerships could make our ambitious visions a reality,”

The insanely complicated hybrid setup uses three motor generator units to harvest energy from braking as well as heat energy from exhaust gas, meaning the units can generate power under both braking and acceleration. That rear wing is a product of Infiniti's partnership with the RenaultSport Formula One team, too, serving up similar aerodynamic properties to the F1 team's Monza wing.

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