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Increased fines for dodging railway boom gates

The number of trains hitting cars and pedestrians is too high.

Drivers who dodge boom gates in Victoria will be fined up to $3033 for crossing the tracks at the wrong time.

Under the new rules pedestrians and cyclists will also face heavier penalties, which were doubled by the Victorian state government and came into effect on Wednesday.

People on foot who ignore the signals will be charged a maximum of $1517 up from $738.

Almost two people per week are being caught ignoring or dodging boom gate signals in Victoria.

Alarmingly 33 of the people caught in the 2013-14 financial year were children.

More needs to be done to deter people

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan said the number of trains hitting cars and pedestrians was too high, and that more needed to be done to deter people.

"Collisions on our train network are taking lives and traumatising drivers," Ms Allan said.

"That's why we are so determined to remove 50 of our most dangerous level crossings, while increasing the fines for illegally crossing the tracks.

"Doubling the fines will make people think twice about dangerously sneaking across the tracks.