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Hummer it?s not quite a truck

The H3T is bigger than a mid-size truck and smaller than a full-size truck, creating its own niche in the market.

Despite the obvious appeal of a utility version of the popular US off-roader, General Motors engineers haven't engineered the car for our roads.

The H3T was revealed at the Chicago Motor Show as a dual-cab version of the H3 SUV that's available in Australia.

The wheelbase has been extended 55cm to accommodate the load area in the rear.

The H3 available in Australia is built at the company's South African plant, which produces left and right-hand-drive variants.

GM plans to build the H3T only at its North American plants, and has not considered a right-hand-drive model.

“Absolutely we're interested in it, but at this stage it isn't engineered for right-hand drive,” GM premium brands spokeswoman Emily Perry says.

However, she warns not to rule it out if interest in the car in right-hand-drive markets proves strong enough to convince GM to engineer an Australia-friendly version.

Hummer Australia chiefs have made no secret of their desire to expand the local line-up, and the H3T would be an ideal candidate.

The larger H2 has been discounted as too big for Australian roads, and the Hummer brand doesn't have anything else to offer at present.

But expansion is not on the agenda, with the current H3 on back order.

The company is still trying to clear the rush of orders from the car's launch, resulting in a waiting period of up to three months.